New Products {Arizona Photographer}

Posted: June 21, 2010 in Albums, Products Offered

I hope that everyone had a terrific Father’s Day weekend!  We celebrated Father’s day & my son’s birthday on Saturday.  It was our first party in our new house.  It was so fun & everyone had a great time.  🙂  I can not wait to host some more parties. 

I’m so excited for these new products!!!

My sister in law & I did a photoshoot and I made her favorite images into a photobook.  It’s a 12-page soft cover album with a custom front & back cover.  It measures 7.75″x10″ (other sizes are available).  It turned out so beautiful!  This is New Item #1!  Inquire for pricing please. 🙂

New Item #2 are these wonderful mini accordion albums.  They are available in 12-page 2.5×3.5″ and 10-page 3×3″ sizes.  They have a hidden magnet closure.  You may have a custom cover or art cloth cover includes black, brown, cream, blue, pink, and red.  I printed 2 custom covers for my husband & my brother & two art cloth in black for my dad & grandpa.  They both look so good & I’m sure you would be happy with either.   Inquire for pricing on these as well. 

On both of the new items I am offering a discount when you add them on to an existing package.

Item#1- Soft cover album

Item#2- Mini accordion book


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